Forever Comes to an End #1 on Progressive Chart

I’m so thrilled and proud to see my album at #1 on Progressive Chart for the second month in a row and ahead of so many awesome artists and bands, including two of my biggest influences, Steven Wilson and Roger Waters.

A huge thank you to everyone who voted and for supporting the album!

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6 Replies to “Forever Comes to an End #1 on Progressive Chart”

  1. I’ve just discovered your music on Spotify, and am totally blown away. Amazing stuff. The Floyd influence is obviously there, but it’s more than just a copy … your own incredible musical sensibilities take it even further. I hope there are many more albums to come, both from Airbag and your solo work. Cheers!

  2. Hi bought your record after hearing it played on radio – love the moods and sounds of your songwriting and guitar. Do you have plans to tour the UK -that i would really like.
    Best wishes for future projects.

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