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Welcome to!

I’m releasing my debut solo album Lullabies in a Car Crash this fall and the site will be packed with all sorts of information on the album. We’ll have a pre-order up very soon and of course you’ll find complete lists of all my current gear. I’ll also be adding detailed breakdowns on previous recordings.

The site will grow with time and I count on your contribution. Please join in on the discussions, post your comments and please feel free to suggest features and things you want to see. I’m very much looking forward to hear from you!

– Bjørn


  • Michael says:

    Bjorn so happy to hear that airbag will be in miami florida to play on the Cruise in November 2015. Can’t wait. I told you we would get you guys to miami. Till then looking foward to the release of your solo material.

  • Bruno says:

    Great news! I love what you do with Airbag and I can’t wait to listen to your first solo album. No doubt it will be great!

  • Tomek says:

    Hei Bjørn,
    I’ve placed an order without having heard a single note of it yet. I trust you, man!
    It’d better be good!!! :)

    But seriously. I am sure it will be just as good as what you’ve done together with Airbag. I can hardly wait for the day I find the package in my post box.
    Big thanks to you and the guys for what you do. Music needs people like you. Keep the direction.
    Mange, mange takk og lykke til!


  • Michael says:

    Hi bjorn ! Can’t wait for your solo album. Love the song stay calm. also hope to see you guys live. Hope we can get you to play in miami florida.bring the family with you !!!

  • Mike Bouck says:

    Looking good Bjørn! Can’t wait to give you some money and hear your new album!

  • Will says:

    I’m loving the site Bjorn! But I have to say I agree with Stephen! How the hell do you find the time to run everything? Haha! Looking forward to seeing more on this site, and I cannot wait for the album!

    Keep up the great work! :)

  • Tony Broadstock says:

    Nice site Bjorn ! Looking forward to more of your tone insights which have been a great help to me over on “Gilmourish” love your tone and playing on the Airbag albums so really looking forward to your solo cd thanks for all the tone tips !! Tony (London)

  • Stephen Ford says:

    Have you given up Sleeping??? Two sites a band, a solo album a wife and a baby!?? You are Norway’s Superman! :) Congrats, the site looks great Bjorn.


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