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At last! Lullabies in a Car Crash is out today! After a year of writing, recording, producing and waiting it feels awesome to finally being able to share the result with you! I’m exhausted, proud and very excited!

Although there are varying dates in some territories, the album is available word wide today – both physically and digitally. I urge everyone to spread the word and if there’s still record stores left in your city, be sure to demand that they stock the album! The album is also available here in my web shop. We can’t meet the prices of international retailers but know that this is the best way to support me and future releases. Here’s a list of a some of the other places you can order from:

iTunes (world)
Amazon.Com (world)
BurningShed.Com (UK, world) (Poland)
Platekompaniet (Norway)
Big Dipper (Norway)

I’ll be posting features on how the album album was recorded and in depth analysis of all the guitar stuff. Stay tuned!


  • Brooks from Texas says:

    Bjorn, I was looking to purchase your album on vinyl here in the US. I searched thru your site and maybe I missed the link. I have the digital version from Google Play. Now that I have finished my music room in my house, I would love to have a vinyl copy as well. Can you send me a link for the US?

    Thanks, Brooks

    • Bjørn says:

      Hi! It should be available through and they also have stock at Those are the main distributers but it might be available through local stores or other US web shops as well.

  • Tobias says:

    Hi Bjørn,
    my wife created an art journal page dedicated to your song “disappear”. She loves listening to your music while working on her work.
    Maybe you like to check out out the video on her channel.
    cheers Tobias

    • Bjørn says:

      Hi Tobias! That’s absolutely amazing! Lovely art! Any chance of getting a photo of the piece for my Facebook page? I can post a link to the YouTube channel. My best regards to your wife :)

  • Tobias says:

    Hi Bjørn,
    what a gorgeous album!!! Today I heard the first time about you from my cd-dealer. Now I have to check up the Airbag-CDs.
    cheers Tobias

  • Krzysztof says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    A month ago I received the album of the year 2014:). Everything has already been said and written about your music. Congratulations Bjorn, I’m very impressed, great songs and lyrics, and of course your guitar playing is top notch!:).I like a jamming with Lullabies …:)
    I still remember Airbag gig in Kraków this year. It was the greatest show on earth.:) After the show Asle did us a photo :) So see you in Poland! I hope soon ;)


  • Sylvain says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    Impressive work which it make me think to Pink Floyd, my favorite band.
    Are you planning concerts in Paris next year ? you or Airbag ?
    Thank’s a lot Bjorn !
    Did you ever meet David G. ?

    • Bjørn says:

      Hi Sylvain! Thanks for your kind words! I haven’t planned on doing lots of shows. We’ll be playing in Holland in April and possibly a few more shows. Airbag is currently working on new material and won’t be touring for some time. Cheers!

  • mpaiato says:

    i bought your album 3 days ago on itunes store, and i am amazed!!! I am listening continuously and i love it. Honestly i bought it because i though that you deserve it, for all your work to divulgate on the web, but actually after listening to it I think that people must buy it just because is amazing music, well composed, played and recorded. this album has a value itself, beside the great person that you are!!!
    Well Done!!!!

  • Richard says:

    Great album Bjorn. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars and made it album of the month on our Dutch music site:
    Keep up the good work!

  • Bruno says:

    I bought your album a few days ago…When i listen this album i remember when i was young (i am 55), listening on the shoreline some tittle from the early era of PF, also some influence like “Animals” “Wish you” “Saucerful”… Good mix, Good recording…. En virkelig god jobb !!!!!

  • Pierre Moulin says:

    Oh Man, there’s so much good stuff in your album. Congrats Bjørn !

    Gods are nice with the auditor these days. Just saw Steve Rothery live and have listened with passion to his amazing solo debut (another newbie in the guitar playing :-) )…


  • Douglas Maia says:

    I must say Lullabies surpassed my wildest expectations. I listened to both Lullabies and The endless… On the same day and I confess that as much as I loved the new PF album, I missed the vocals. Your album Bjorn, filled that absence in my head, it’s a great album on its own, don’t get me wrong, but the parallel is inevitable to me. Thank you for the great album Bjorn, I’ll be purchasing the Vinyl edition as soon as I can.

  • Pete W. says:

    A great listen from start to end. The only complaint…………that it ended.
    Hey! I can repeat it again. YAY!!
    Thanks Bjorn!

  • Damien Serpault says:

    Beautiful and haunting, from the art cover to the very last notes… and even after. Thank you (I will receive the vinyl soon).

  • Hp. says:

    Hi Bjorn, After listening to your Album the last few Days, and give it the time to breathe and come alive, i can’t stay calm longer anymore, and feel the need to tell you how much i like it!!!!!
    You have done an absolut beautiful thing here!!! Superb recording and mixing and Sound quality!

    I love the length and the different arrangements and Parts of the Songs, its great to take a Journey with them, they produce big and Deep Emotions inside me, i can project so many things inside the Melodies, and in some Parts of the Lyrics too.
    I can feel all the Up and Downs, and then the Anger in the Guitar Solos on Stay Calm…
    Love the UnivibingPhasingFlangingRotary Guitar tones you did in the Songs, and not to forget all the small Details and Sound effects which are running in the background. Man i have so many little things in my Head now from your Songs , i can’t write them all down………… i prefer to listen to them…

    They synth and Keys arrangements are superb, i like the Intro to Lullabies in a car Crash, it has some sort of “Sheep” ;-) vibe to it

    My absolute Favourites are at the Moment: Stay Calm, Lullabies in a Car Crash and Disappear,

    Bjorn, if you will ever do a next Airbag CD, please think about it, to sing Lead Vocals on some Songs too there, because i like the Sound of your Voice and it fits seamless into the Music. I mean Pink Floyd did it too: more than 1 Lead Singer, why not? ( Hope you dont begin to “bitch and fight” now with Airbag’s Leadsinger because of my suggestion ;-P)……

    Music like this should receive more Attention and be played more again on the stup%%, =beep, beep= big Media channels instead of that soulless, flat overspeeded crap most of the time, the “Spirit of the Age” needs it strongly……but well i drift off here…….and if i begin to get into my cynical mood……no, no, better not. It,s about Music here!

    So, i wish you now good success, the Album deserves it!

    and, Thank you again for the Music,& have a good time………..
    maybe one day you come and play Live here in Switzerland when you’re on your
    First World or European Tour :-)……



  • Claudio says:

    A fantastic album from start to finish. Didn’t think twice before purchasing.
    Thank you for your inspirational music!

  • N says:

    Bjorn, congrats on releasing such an excellent album. The mixing is perfect, the songwriting is superb, the atmosphere is ethereal and melancholic, your delicate voice fits in well to the music, and all of your influences really shine through on this record. I loved hearing the mellotron throughout the album. Probably my favorite album of the year next to Opeth’s Pale Communion. Looking forward to your future releases!

  • Tomek says:

    Hei Bjørn,
    The postman delivered my copy just one hour ago! The CD is in my player… great, great music is filling my ears now….
    I can only say – your music is great! I am fully satisfied and happy that I bought it. I took a risk and ordered without having heard any preview and I do not regret :) It is worth every “krone” I paid. But I had had no doubts about it when I placed the order..
    Thanks a lot and keep it going in that direction! Your solo music will have its own space on my shelf and it will be on the top one.

    Thanks again! I am already looking forward to the day when I can pre-order your next album..



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