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I’m very proud and excited to announce that I will be releasing a new full-length solo album in 2019! You can follow the whole process – the writing, recording and mixing of the album right here on my web site. I’ll post news updates, in-depth written features and video clips from the studio.

Ok, so if you’ve been following me on my Facebook page I’m sure you’ve already seen me posting a couple of pics of me recording something new this summer.

Bjorn Riis new album 2019

The Coming Home mini album got released in February and I started to write for a new album and the follow-up to Forever comes to an end soon after.

The writing process for this album was a bit different compared to Lullabies and Forever. Lullabies was very much me wanting to finish a lot of the stuff I had laying around from not having used them with Airbag. Forever started out with the title track that was written while I promoted Lullabies and that sort of grew into a new album.

This album was written really fast, over a period of 2-3 weeks, and all of the songs are new. There’s no left over material or ideas that’s been laying around. I knew I wanted to make a new album and I pretty much picked up the guitar and started writing.

Now this might sound cocky but over the years I’ve developed some techniques that allows me to put down new ideas really fast. Ideas for a song can pop up at anytime and I use my iPhone a lot to write down lyrics, ideas for an arrangement or record a couple of chords and riffs.

When I get home I can pop into my home recording studio and within 30-60mins I’ve recorded a very basic draft of what might end up as a song.

I wanted to do things slightly different this time. I wanted to keep a lot of the initial ideas and recordings because they often have that nerve and spontaneity that’s often lost by trying to make everything perfect on the 54th take.

I wanted to have the feeling of a band and although I record everything separately with either myself or additional musicians, there’s something about not overdoing things. I’ve arranged the songs with the band in mind and what we’ve been doing live.

Is it possible to translate this song to the stage? That’s sort of been my goal but certainly no rule. Limiting yourself often generate new ideas and ideas that perhaps wouldn’t have emerged if you have too many options and tools available.

OK, so I think I’ll leave it with that for now. Be sure to stop by once in a while and keep your self up to date with all the latest news on my Facebook page.

We’ll record drums this coming weekend so see you then!


  • Tim Staton says:

    Hi Bjorn!

    I am a fan of both Airbag and your solo work, but I was wondering if there are plans for any new releases from Airbag? I am thankful for your solo recordings,,,, but would still LOVE to see new Airbag recordings mixed in also!!

    • Bjørn says:

      Hi Tim! Thanks for your kind words and support! Airbag is alive and well and we’re working on new material. Stay tuned!

  • Geir-Magne says:

    Thank you for the music, Bjørn. It’s been part of my everyday life for quite some years now. Looking forward to find out which direction the new album takes after listening to Icarus the last fem days. Have a nice day :)

  • Mark says:

    Hi Bjorn, just pre-ordered your new CD. Very exited to listen to it. I saw you in January with Airbag in Oslo. As you never play in Germany, I had to come to Oslo to see you guys live. It was worth the trip from Hamburg. Keep up the great work. Your music means a lot to me! Greetings from Hamburg.

  • Jerome says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I am very excited to hear that a new album will be released!
    I hope to see you in France or belgium in a live show ;-)


  • Rene says:

    Got a link to your song Were are you now which is fantastic. Now going through all your songs and songs from Airbag.
    Unbelievable that I didn’t hear from you before. What a great music!!!

  • Steve says:

    Sorry but i’m not on Facebook to keep up with progress on the new album – any news of a release date ?

    And then hopefully some UK dates (not just London) either solo or as Airbag.

    Listening to Forever Comes To An End as i type.

    Best wishes

    • Bjørn says:

      Hi Steve! News about the new album will be announced very soon – both here on the site and social media. Thanks for the support!

  • Peter says:

    Saw your last show in de Boerderij Zoetermeer. Was really great. Hope to see you and the band again there with new songs ( and the old ones offcourse)

  • Michael Johnson says:

    Greetings from Australia mate.
    I’m a big prog fan and love Airbag and your solo work. Australia is a nice place for a holiday….hint, hint.
    Just remember to bring the guitar ;)
    I can’t wait to hear your new work….thanks for keeping us fans in the loop.
    Cheers – Michael

  • Jeffrey Morris says:

    Just taking a break from reading Neal Pearts book ghost rider and though of Air Bag and started looking for signs of life. I was so glad to see your new album coming soon. I will keep up with the progress and look forward with great expectations. Saw Steven Wilson here in Nashville Monday…..quite the show. Peace. Jeff

  • Donald says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    I am an avid follower of yours and Airbag’s music.Amazingly atmospheric and sonically rich compositions,great : ). Really looking forward to your new album release in 2019.Can you please come to Scotland at some point to play a gig ? It would be greatly appreciated.Cheers and good luck for the future.

  • Henk says:

    I love all your projects, airbag, oak and Björn Riis. An enrichment for live, realy!
    After difficult years here, your projects helps me and givesme Energy. Looking forward to your new work! Hope the working on it gives you asmuch energy I Will get from you!

  • Hans Woerdeman says:

    I can’t wait.

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