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The new single Stormwatch is available on download and stream at all major platforms. The track is taken from my upcoming album, A Storm is Coming, which is out May 3rd.

Stormwatch is a dialog between two people who experience the violent tension and frustration in a relationship. To portray this, I’m sharing the vocal duties with the amazing Norwegian singer, Mimi Tamba.

Stormwatch also feature Henrik Bernan Fossum (Airbag) on drums and Simen Valldal Johannessen (Oak) on piano.


  • Victor says:

    Man, what a song you made! It’s an incredible piece of work. The best 14:22 of my life. Thank you so much.

  • Michel says:

    We are only early June but I already know my ‘Album of the Year 2019’ by now. Goodness me, “A Storm Is Coming” is an absolute killer album while “Stormwatch” is miles ahead of others to be named ‘Song of the Year”. Goosebumps all the way!

  • Martin Powell says:

    Hello Bjorn,
    Just discovered your music and so glad I did, always been a prog fan all my life,
    now 59 yrs of age – Steven Wilson (solo) also with Porcupine Tree and David Gilmour being my favourite artists – please visit the U.K soon and bring us your wonderful music

  • Ian Fleming says:

    Hi Bjorn, I am on my fourth listen through o f Storm, love it, may well be your best. Really loved Forever but think you have just topped it. All the best for the future.

  • Ahmad says:

    Hello Dear Bjorn
    Thank u very very very much for this music , please lyric ????

  • Don van Hal says:

    Hello Bjorn
    On my journey through the prog world I came across your music and your new song. Absolutely beautiful.
    I’m looking forward to the whole album and will buy a ticket for your gig in De Boerderij in October.

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