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At last! My new album and fourth release, A Storm is Coming, is finally here! It’s always such a surreal feeling to have an album out after having spent months deep into writing, recording and producing.

The reviews and feedback has been quite overwhelming so far so it’s looking pretty good! Looking forward to hear what everyone think after a few spins and not least, to play the songs live this year!

I’ll be posting new updates and features on the album very soon! Stay tuned!


  • Chad from Dallas says:


    This is Chad Chacchia from Dallas. I am a constant reader on Gimourish and have been a fan of Airbag and you, pretty much right after I started reading on Gilmourish. I have been listening to the new album on Youtube for a few weeks now and really think it is fantastic. I finally got around to ordering the album and CD. I also bought the Album for my cousin, who has an incredible home stereo and record player. I hope it arrives there before I go to visit him in a few weeks. I really hope to hear the album on his system. It is top notch! The CD is for me. I wanted to also double check and make sure you are sending the Album and CD to his house in Connecticut. I filled that out on the shipping part.

    On a side note, I am still always working on my Gilmour tone. I am loving my Hi-tone amp. For home use though, I purchased a Peavy Mini 20 with 1×12 celestion cab. For home use, I think it is incredible. Last night, I was working on my Dogs solos. I had a classic vibe tele playing through an Iron fist yellow squash, EH Russian reissue, boosted by a Boss Angry driver (BD side). Finally a Donner Flanger. ( Just like the Eeclady, but 25 bucks) I have the Mooer on my main board, but honestly, I can’t tell the difference in the two. I ran the Peavy on 1 watt and mic’d it, run through the Monitors. The tone is spot on man. I used your settings pretty much on the pedals. I even used an RT 20 on the duet solos. All of it sounded spot on when leveled out with the backing track. I have played almost all the amps you mention on your site at one time or the other. I have a classic 50 and have had a classic 30. That Mini 20 with the 112 cab is by far the best of the Peavy’s, for bedroom levels. You can use the 5 or 20 whatt if you need clean headroom, but the 1 watt at bedroom levels does all the muff and overdriven tones fantastically. I would also feel comfortable using it for a gig, mic’d up on 20 watts. It is just so versatile.

    Lastly, I have never been to Europe, but I will soon. My wife and I plan to come and see one of your shows someday, when we do. Take care man. I am so grateful for all you do both with the Gilmourish and your music. I will always buy what you put out!

    Chad from Dallas!!

  • Steve says:

    Hoping that mine gets delivered today – post should be here in the next hour.

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