Airbag – A Day in the Studio, Unplugged in Oslo

Airbag has released a 23mins video of the band performing four tracks in an acoustic session filmed and recorded in December 2020. Three tracks are taken from the bands latest album, A Day at the Beach, while the fourth is a previously unreleased song, Come on In, dating back to 2004.

Two more songs were recorded for a release on DVD, vinyl and CD later this year.

Airbag – A Day in the Studio was recorded and mixed at Subsonic Society in Oslo, Norway by Vegard Kleftås Sleipnes and filmed and edited by Eirik Stordrange.

Watch the video on Airbag’s official YouTube channel.

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  1. Hi
    Hope you are all ok
    Looking forward to seeing you @ the Prog festival in Great Yarmouth England next year

    Do you plan to do more dates in England whilst you are here?

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