Preorder signed A Day at the Beach and new single out now!

Airbag A Day at the Beach

Signed copies of A Day at the Beach is now available exclusively from the official Airbag web shop The album is available on CD and limited edition 180g colour vinyl and standard 180g black vinyl.

We also have two new two new t-shirts for A Day at the Beach available in the shop!

The second single off the album, Sunsets, is now available on stream. Check it out here.

Machines an Men, the first single off the album, is still available on stream here.

A Day at the Beach will be out June 19.

New Airbag single, Machines and Men, out now!

Airbag A Day at the Beach

Airbag’s new single, Machines and Men, is out now on stream! Click here and choose your platform.

The track is taken from the upcoming album, A Day at the Beach, which will be out on Karisma Records June 19. The album will be available on CD, two LP editions and download.

Machines and Men is mixed by long-time collaborator Vegard Kleftås Sleipnes and feature Kristian Hultgren from Wobbler on bass.

Happy new year!

Dear friends! 2019 has been an amazing year in so many ways! With both Airbag and my solo project, I’ve had the chance to travel around the globe playing shows and meeting wonderfully devoted people.

Naturally, my proudest moment was the release of my third full-length album, A Storm is Coming.

To see my album turning up on your top lists of 2019 is quite a surreal experience!
Like most people, I’m working 40+ hours a week and I have a family. The few hours I have left, is spent trying to make music.

I read Steven Wilsons letter on Facebook the other day and as he’s done many times before, he’s talking about the (almost) lost art of making an album. I’ve been involved in the record industry since the late 90s and I’ve experienced the peaks and the lows. Things change as they’ve always done, with new generations and technology. Still, there’s something about the importance of music being an art form that shouldn’t be forgotten or dismissed.

I’m lucky. Like Wilson, I’m still in the position where I’m able to create an album and to have it released on multiple formats. Including vinyl.

The reason for this is that you still spend your hard earned money on physical formats. This is important because streaming alone won’t finance new music. Your support is vital and tremendously appreciated.

The internet changed the music industry and the way many artists make music, including me, but it has also allowed a whole new generation of musicians to reach a bigger audience and the listener to discover a lot more music.

I grew up in the 80s and I still remember buying vinyl and spending hours listening to the music and staring at the cover art. It was equally important.

As much as I appreciate that my daughter is experiencing music in a different way and, I’m sure, enjoys it as much as I, I still want her to have that experience of discovering music as an art form.

I can see her amazement when she’s studying the inner spread of the The Wall album cover and hearing all the sound effects and the powerful music. Or, the awe of the spread on Kiss’ Alive 2 and hearing all the guitars and bombs. It’s a complete experience.

And that’s what we’re trying to achieve. An experience.

Airbag will release a new album in 2020. It’s been a long journey from Disconnected. Along the way we’ve lost a couple of founding members but we’ve also found new inspiration and we’re working with some amazingly talented musicians.

We’re extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished. We’re thankful for your patience and we can’t wait for you to hear it!

We’ll also have the remaining vinyl reissues out. Including Identity, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. Imagine that! All Rights Removed saw a reissue on red vinyl earlier this year and it’s now being mentioned as one of the most important prog releases of the decade.

I’m working on new material too and there will be a new solo album eventually. I’m also playing guitar on a couple of tracks on the upcoming album from The Opium Cartel.

A lot of exciting stuff is happening in Norwegian prog this year. Keep an eye out for new albums from Oak, Wobbler and long-time Airbag/Riis/Oak guitarist Ole Michael Bjørndal.

My heartfelt thanks for your support! It really means the world to me!

This House lyric video

Watch this brand new video for This House from my latest album, A Storm is Coming (Karisma Records 2019). 

The song is written and produced by me, engineered by Vegard Kleftås Sleipnes and featuring Henrik Bergan Fossum on drums and Simen Valldal Johannessen (Oak – Official Fanpage) on piano. 

This House was the last one to be written for the album. It sort of concludes the theme of a failing relationship and all the confusion and naive hopes one is left with. I wanted a very light production, with a bit of jazz influences, yet with a dark atmosphere to underline the lyrics. 

A Storm is Coming is available on LP, CD and download.

A Storm is Coming OUT NOW!

At last! My new album and fourth release, A Storm is Coming, is finally here! It’s always such a surreal feeling to have an album out after having spent months deep into writing, recording and producing.

The reviews and feedback has been quite overwhelming so far so it’s looking pretty good! Looking forward to hear what everyone think after a few spins and not least, to play the songs live this year!

I’ll be posting new updates and features on the album very soon! Stay tuned!

STORMWATCH – New single out now!

The new single Stormwatch is available on download and stream at all major platforms. The track is taken from my upcoming album, A Storm is Coming, which is out May 3rd.

Stormwatch is a dialog between two people who experience the violent tension and frustration in a relationship. To portray this, I’m sharing the vocal duties with the amazing Norwegian singer, Mimi Tamba.

Stormwatch also feature Henrik Bernan Fossum (Airbag) on drums and Simen Valldal Johannessen (Oak) on piano.