Forever Comes to an End – New album out May 19th

I’m extremely proud and excited to announce that my new album, Forever Comes to an End, will be out on May 19th!

The album is written and produced by me and engineered and mastered by long-time collaborator, Vegard Kleftås Sleipnes at Subsonic Society. Guest appearances include Henrik Fossum – drums (Airbag), Asle Tostrup – programming (Airbag), Simen Valldal Johannessen – piano (Oak) and Norwegian singer Sichelle Mcmeo Aksum.

Norwegian photographer Kjetil Karlsen, has provided the haunting front cover image, taken in beautiful Beisfjord near Narvik in Northern Norway.

An exclusive preorder of signed albums will be up and available soon.

20 Replies to “Forever Comes to an End – New album out May 19th”

  1. Bjorn thank you for the lovely atmospheric haunting and if i may add ; please take it as a compliment ; Gilmourish music.
    Do you plan also a color vinyl ? When the pre-orders will start ?
    All the best

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Sezai! There will be a (black) vinyl edition of the album. Preorders will be up shortly.

  2. You are amazing! I was respecting your talent and after you concert I believe that you are a legend in electric guitar! Counting the days for the new album release and waiting for concerts. :-)

  3. The 1st one is one of my favourite albums ever, really looking for hearing the 2nd! Also I love AIRBAG and really have HIGH HOPES that you and your Band(s) will be perform LIVE also in GERMANY very soon !!

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