New Airbag single, Machines and Men, out now!

Airbag’s new single, Machines and Men, is out now on stream! Click here and choose your platform.

The track is taken from the upcoming album, A Day at the Beach, which will be out on Karisma Records June 19. The album will be available on CD, two LP editions and download.

Machines and Men is mixed by long-time collaborator Vegard Kleftås Sleipnes and feature Kristian Hultgren from Wobbler on bass.

3 Replies to “New Airbag single, Machines and Men, out now!”

  1. Been watching your Gilmourish FB page and loved it so I bought all your English stuff from Apple and love those tracks.
    We have the same musical tastes it seems, love David Gilmour, Pink Floyd and Marillion (with Fish on vocals).

  2. Hey Bjorn,

    Just pre-ordered the limited LP/CD//T-shirt package from Karisma’s site. I’m really looking forward to the album! I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy in these crazy times. Best, SOF

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