Welcome to the new site!

I’ve finally got a brand new web site! Looks pretty good doesn’t it?

Some of the contents still needs to be updated – I’ll have a new gear section up soon – and I will keep you all fully up to date will the latest in my world. Something new and very cool is coming up so stay tuned!

Please feel free to suggest topics and do post your comments – that keeps the site alive!

For any David Gilmour related questions and topics, please visit gilmourish.com and I’ll be happy to help over there.

2 Replies to “Welcome to the new site!”

  1. Dear Bjorn,

    First of all i would like to thank you fir providing us with tons of information about one and only David Gilmour. I would like to ask you if you know that information, what was tuning machines on black strat when it was sold?
    I have spend so much time online trying to rind exact ones but just can’t find. I have close picture from Cristies but did not find it.
    Btw i’ am doing my one black strat project and would like to make replica so that it can resemble as much as possible to the original one. Sorry to bother you, and thanks for your answer as well as for your time.

    Greatings from Croatia,


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